Wrought Iron Furniture
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sabato 03 febbraio 2007
pieces of a fine taste for your home or your garden.
wrir01 wrir06 wrir09
Art. AG 148
small iron table
- plate glass top
dia. ~39"

Art. AG 149
forged chair with seat
and back in padded leather
Art. A 252
oval mirror
Art. L 80
double bed
in forged iron
with sculptures
wrir04 wrir13 wrir08
Art. AG 164/40
3-leg small table
iron plate dia. ~16"

Art. AG 168
folding chair "LIBERTY"
Art. L 68/M/bis
"Baroque" iron double bed
with shaped bedhead
Art. A 248
finely forged
flower pool
wrir11 wrir03 wrir05
Art. L 81
double bed in forged wrought iron
Art. AG 154
small iron table "DOLPHINS"
with plate-glass top
Art. AG 149/4
forged chair
with dais - seat and
and back in padded leather
wrir02 wrir07 wrir12
Art. AG 156/P
small iron arm-chair
with criss-crossed seat (92)

Art. AG 157
iron arm-chair
with criss-crossed seat (PAC)
Art. A 251
clothes tree
with umbrella-stand
Art. L 68/M/bis
forged double bed
with crooked uprights
Art. L 83
double bed
in finely forged wrought iron

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